Baby Boys Can Be Fabulous Too – ORC Reveal

Listen, I have no problem with traditional boy nurseries in navy blues, and masculine wood, but in my opinion, baby boys can be FABULOUS too. Which is why, we decided to get a little crrrazy with Arlo’s nursery. So we added lots of coppery gold accents in the sputnik chandy, shimmery copper jazz pots to hold babies first succulent, little dashes of blush pink and pale minty greens, and of course a white and glittery gold unicorn. Lets see how far we’ve come, shall we?  From under the sea nightmare….

To sweet southwestern baby paradise.

Source List

Sputnik Chandelier

Nursery Works Crib (similar)

Nate Berkus for Target Crib Sheet

Copper Jazz Pot

Gold Starburst Accent

Washington D.C. print

Inky the Squid – made by a family friend, but found a similar one here

Platform Bed

Water Color print by big brother:)

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Arlo’s Southwestern Modern Sanctuary

Just a few little teasers before the reveal next week. Something tells me, I may have completely restyled these again, but as of now here’s where we stand:)

DIY Golden Baby Blocks

Obviously big brother can’t allow a photoshoot to occur without him in it:)

Final week!! We will (hopefully) by the end of next week have some full room shots to show you, along with a very, very lengthy source list. Believe me, with a babe and busy 5 year old, keeping any room photo ready takes a modern miracle to occur. In love with this nursery, and just tickled pink (and blue) to share it!


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Week 4 ORC: A Tale of DIY Shiplap

Cara Loren’s Nursery
California Home Tour

Ahh the magical week 4. This week is a tale of shiplap..which sort of bores me, so to keep my head in the game, I started with a couple of inspiration photos above. Both have elements that I am really digging for a little boys room. The modern southwestern/bohemian vibe (which 10 years ago me would NEVER have been a fan of…oh how our tastes change) is so perfect. The golden side table, macrame, succulents..something tells me a lot of these elements will creep into our final design.

SO SHIPLAP. I could write a novel about shiplap on a budget, but there were several times through the frustration that we almost canned it and paid a professional a lot of money to just handle it. However, we persevered. So I found several DIY shiplap on a budget posts around the interwebs, and used them as our guideline. One thing I knew for sure, I was not going to be the one installing these bad boys, so here’s what we did.

  1. We bought some sheets of 3/8 cat plywood from Lowes that cost around $11 each, so when all was said and done, it cost about $80 for the wood, and had them cut into 6″ strips. I saw all over internet land that people often chose to do thinner 3″ strips, but I wanted to give this a chunkier more rustic look.
  2. Here’s where the fun started. We got home, and realized that the gentleman from Lowes cut all of the pieces crooked…very crooked. Some were 7″ on one end, and 3″ on the other. So I called the store and spoke with a manager who (I hate to say it), was initially USELESS. No matter how many times I told him the situation, he was convinced I was talking about the depth of the wood. Not height, not length, but depth. And he continued to say that they had no control of that. Finally I asked if I could text him photos of what I meant, and he agreed. The process of chatting with the manager, attempting to return the defective pieces, and have new wood cut added about 3 hours to the process. We were SO over it.
  3. Next up, on the plywood sheets, the really yummy knotted side of the wood is considered the crappy (back) side to Lowes. So the side of the wood we wanted to use was full of black stamps with product information. I saw a LOT of sanding in our future.
  4. Alright, time to hand this over to the professional. We had our buddy Jerry from Bossman Contractors come over to take it from here. He sanded off all of the wood, and in less than 2 hours, the plywood was up and ready to roll. I decided that my husband and I would do the staining, but as soon as Jerry left, I immediately regretted not having him do it LOL.
  5. The STAIN – this was a bit of trial and error. I bought a delicious gray stain, and tested it on one of the scraps (see below), and I’m so glad I did. Because the plywood is a pale brown wood color, the gray turned the wood dark brown and light brown..which is NOT what we wanted. We happened to have some white wash left over from another project, so we tried doing 2 coats of white wash, then one light coat of gray stain. VOILA!! The gray of our dreams.

Below you can see Jerry hard at work, and my husband finishing off the staining like a boss.

Next up….

  • As you see above, the light fixture is installed. Next week we’ll share a video of the “professionals” at work
  • Moving furniture in
  • Figuring out the rest of the design. Do most people plan the design ahead of time?? That’s no fun!:)
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Arlo’s Sweet Southwestern Nursery -ORC- Week 1

orc-week1-fall-2016bWell hey there boys and girls! So excited to be back for Calling it Home’s latest edition of the One Room Challenge. We took a few seasons off from our first room transformation, and since another man human has arrived who is ready to move in to his abode, we figured this was a good opportunity to get our booties in gear, and get this room finished.

Above is our furniture/inspiration board for this little man’s southwestern inspired, modern nursery with just a touch of glam…afterall, little boys can be fabulous too!! Since our last gentleman’s room was very monochromatic and bold, we decided to go with a softer, more soothing palette this time around.

The only challenge thus far, the rug. I definitely want the room to reflect a southwestern vibe, but not be completely drenched in it. Ya know what I mean? I’ve been considering the rug above, or possibly the one below? Or something neutral and completely different..I have no idea…What do you guys think?


I’m also trying to keep the rug budget extremely low since I saw what happened to the rug in Butter’s room over the last two years. Lets just say it has seen it’s fair share of something that rhymes with schmeses.

Here is our TO DO LIST:

1. Paint, paint and more paint – next week I’ll show you some of the before pictures, but to give you a hint: Under the Sea nightmare. We have an under the sea mural left over from the previous home owners, and though it is not awful (after all we left it for this long), it is definitely time for it to go. After testing out a few colors, we’ve landed on Benjamin Moore Paper White. I wanted something light and bright, but with a touch of gray, Paper white is the ticket. Unfortunately, I think the baseboards and ceilings will also have to be touched up, or completely repainted, so that is our first major hurtle. Luckily my significant other, whom we will from now on refer to as “Captain Goodtimes,” has offered to take the reins on this one.

2. Shiplap – Okay, this one is looking iffy. We would reaaaallly like to have a gray white washed shiplap wall behind the crib. We’ll be getting some estimates from our favorite contractor peeps to see if we can squeak this into the budget.

3. Chandy – we need to get a chandelier ordered asap and replace the current “nipple light” in the room. You guys know the kind of light I’m talking about.

4. Window treatments – 2 drapery panels, and some type of roller/roman shade that will block out as much light as humanly possible. I’ll also be removing the current blinds that are starting to look a little icky.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s another whole half of the room?? lol. Guess we need to figure that out as well:)

So far our source list looks a little like this….

Crib – Nurseryworks

Rugs – Wayfair and/or Overstock

Side Table – TBD

Glider – TBD

Moroccan Pouf – this one is from World Market, but found some fab ones at HomeGoods too

Sputnik Light Fixture – love this one, but hoping we can do a little $$ saving DIY..stay tuned


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