One Room Challenge – Week 5

ORC-week 4074

ORC-week 4075


Final stretch. I don’t want to give the whole room away, so here is just a little peek:) As you can see, Lady Cordelia decided she was the perfect model for the week 5 shoot..though I don’t remember hiring her?  Isn’t this teepee from Tip Top Teepee Shop the most perfect little thing you’ve ever seen?? It makes me soo happy!  As you’ve read from previous posts, the painting took up soooo very much time, that I will really be scrambling to get everything else in place by Thursday.  I’ve seen many of our other One Room Challenge lovelies are starting to primp for photos.  Yeah…we aren’t quite there yet:)

Here’s what’s left:

Finish chandelier – we’re giving a tiny makeover to the Stockholm from Ikea, and though it’s simple, it has been a bit time consuming

Intall book shelves

Hang Artwork – Oh, and probably find some last minute pieces

Zhush/Style dresser

Hang window treatments

Add toddler – Butter bear has been kicked out of his room for a couple of weeks, though he hasn’t seemed to mind:)

If you haven’t already taken a look at the other ORC peeps, you MUST. There are some serious renovations going on that are putting my measly paint job to shame.  Go see go see!


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One Room Challenge – Week 4

Well, there’s no turning back now. When faced with the daunting task before them, my painting team bailed.  I supposed when they are working for free, and related to you, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  So here’s where we stand after not 1, not 2, but THREE coats of primer to cover the Neverland ranch nightmare mural. If you’ve seen the before pictures here, you’ll notice that I could pretty much end this makeover here. What a difference so far….




What a beautiful paint mess. Remind me next time that DIY painting is wildly overrated:)  I also started putting together Butter’s bed (see below). I’ve had several of you inquisitive friends ask, “Doesn’t a big boy, need a big boy bed?” No, let’s not be crazy. If this little curly haired tornado is still willing to sleep (and STAY PUT) in his crib, I’m going to ride this wave all the way to the shore. If he wants to stay contained until his 15, I’m completely okay with that.

How amazing is this Batboys Pillowcase!!! Even cuter in person. I’m still toying with quilt options, but the J.A. Nixon Alpaca throw is really giving off the vibe I’m looking for.

So, things we STILL need to do:

Paint 2 coats of white – I decided to go with Sherwin William’s Extra White. And sadly, the ceiling needs to be painted too. The Extra White is too different from the ceiling white, so add another day of painting to the agenda:)

Set up teepee reading paradise – I’m going to need blankets, enough pillows for a pillow fight, and some more stuffed friends

Hang window treatments – after patching about a million holes in this room from the previous owners, I am in no mood to drill into it, but thus, it must be done

Finish light fixture – Thanks to my Pops, the light fixture is hung, but the rest of it needs to be assembled. FYI the Stockholm has a BILLION pieces.

Add book storage – we have tiny bookcase already in the room, but for this boy who LOVES his books, we need some additional storage

Hardware for the dresser – thinking a bronzy gold, or something a little bit more grown up than the yellow and aqua knobs he currently has

Artwork – I have admittedly given this little to ZERO thought. I may be running to Homegoods the day before the reveal:)

Ceiling – I asked the client what he wanted on his ceiling, and he had a very specific request. I’ll save it for the reveal

There are SO many amazing renovations and designs going on for #oneroomchallenge. Hit up Calling it Home, and dive right in.

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One Room Challenge – Week 3


Alright so, if I were to show you photos of the Butter bear’s room, it doesn’t actually look like any progress has been made However, I promise you,  the groundwork has been laid. Here’s what’s been happening…..

  • Over the weekend we pretty much cleared out Ikea, purchasing rugs, pillows, and throws that are going to look AMAZING in the room
  • Light fixture – we also, trying to be as low budget as possible grabbed the stockholm fixture at Ikea, but we plan to something a little fun and different with it. I was looking at some pricier options, but lets get real, this is a kids room, and I have like 10 other fixtures in the house to replace, so no dice:)
  • Teepee has been ordered (yeep!! I may use it more than he does)!!
  • Paint supplies purchased, and crew hired, meaning my Dad and Htown (20 bucks says Htown doesn’t paint an inch of the room, but I digress). The walls in this room are crazy high, so priming over the nightmare wonderland will be no small feat.
  • Batboys pillowcase ordered from our new favorite Kiwis over at Little Pop Studio.
  • Really, really wanted this lighting bolt from Fromage la Rue, but they are still manufacturing them. I don’t even know where I would want to put it in the design, I just know that I want it. Time to come up with a plan B, because this room needs some type of marquee.
  • And a couple of other magical touches (I can’t give everything away!:-)

Current challenge. The ceiling.  Yes, I could just leave it white. It would be so easy, no one will even look up, but that’s just not how I roll.  Here’s what we’ve considered so far:

Ceiling triangles like this.


His room is huge, so I would need a million of them, and it would eat up my entire budget, so these are out.

Then we considered doing a cool painting tape job. I took a closer look at the ceiling and it is super duper textured. Keeping paint from bleeding under the tape would be a nightmare. Paint is out.

So now what?  I’m not giving up. This boy will have a cool ceiling. I have a few other ideas in mind, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, go check out all of the other week #3 fab space transformations at Calling it Home:)

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One Room Challenge – Week 2

Black and white nursery design

After taking  inspiration from some of the gorgeous images in our week 1 post, this is the mood board that came about.  Though it may look a little LOT bananas all squished together on one little square like this, once it is all spread out in the Butter Bear’s room, it shall be black and white big boy heaven. We’re a little behind, so it’s time to get our plan firmly in place, and this upcoming week we will start getting down to business.

1. Paint – White, white, and more white. Enchanted kingdom be gone! Right now I’m thinking Sherwin Williams Pure White in eggshell.

2.  Chalkboard paint – cover the tallest wall in the room (above the crib) with black chalkboard. The ceilings are 11 feet tall, so I’m looking forward to it being an ever-changing canvas of creativity. Mostly for Htown and myself.

3. Ceiling – after crushing on the nursery in our week 1 post, I decided Butter’s ceiling needs to have a HUGE impact. Considering using these same triangle decals (pictured above).

4. Light fixture – I really, really wanted this atom chandy, but the reviews were awful. Like this thing breaks when you change the light bulbs awful. Looking for something else that might be equally as fun, and not a million dollars

5. Big boy bedding – new pillowcase, quilt, and sheets

6.  Book shelves – in nook behind door all the way up to the ceiling.  Hooks at the bottom for hats or jackets.

7.  Teepee – So I really want one, but these bad boys are expensive. Then I discovered the magic of Tip Top Teepee Shop. If you purchase one of their teepees, and have them professionally photographed in your adorable space, they will credit your purchase in return for using the photos on your website. Yessss.

8. New pillow/throw for chair – would love to pull in some of my faves from Jonathan Adler. This pillow is a must, and this throw might be perfection too.

9. New hardware on dresser – perhaps a simple stainless knob for a more grown up boy

10. New rug – something inexpensive that I won’t cry about when potty training happens…like…on it. This bad boy from ikea is first on the list.

Lots of ordering and prep work to do! By the time I check in with you next week, hopefully much more of this will be underway. Stay tuned! And be sure to check out all of the other participants week 2 updates at Calling it Home!

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